Upgrade to a Smart and Safe Inverter for Your PV System

Did you know, it only takes a small amount of dirt or shading to degrade the performance of an old string inverter? By upgrading to a smart, reliable inverter you can increase your systems productivity and reliability. Call our team to get more information on 01834 888330.

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Why do I need to upgrade?

If your solar panel system is using a traditional string inverter then all of your panels will only work as well as the weakest panel. This type of inverter is outdated and will be hindering your systems' output. If any of the following scenarios affect one panel, it will be affecting them all on a traditional string inverter:

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Solar panels work when they are clean and free from dirt. Over time a build up of dirt, dust and even bird droppings can cause your panels to be less efficient.


Shade on a solar panel that is connected to an old string inverter can severly affect the ouput of your system. It covers the solar cells, limiting the electricity they produce.


Over time, with exposure to the elements, solar panels can degrade. Some panels can be affected more than others, but on an old string inverter it will affect the whole system.

Faulty Panels

You're only as strong as your weakest link. If one panel isn't pulling it's weight because of a fault, the rest of your system suffers to. Something a new inverter can rectify.

Traditional Inverter vs SolarEdge

A traditional "string" inverter will only be as efficient as it's worst performing panel. If you have a shaded or broken panel it will affect the performance of the whole system. SolarEdge uses optimisers that fix to the back of each panel to make each solar panel independent of the other ones. A few benefits of this include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduces the affects of shading
  • Individual panel monitoring
  • SafeDC™
  • 25 Years warranty
  • Real time system monitoring
  • Firefighter and maintainence safety
  • Battery Storage ready

Monitor Your System

With a SolarEdge inverter and power opitimisers, you will be able to monitor your system live, from anywhere in the world. As your installer, we will also have access to your system alerts, letting us know when your system is down.

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Battery Ready

SolarEdge inverters are ready for the battery revolution, designed to work with battery systems like the Tesla Powerwall. You are able to save the energy that would otherwise be sending to the grid, decreasing your reliance on the grid and saving you money.


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