What is the ImmerSUN?

Jan 09, 2021

Having solar panels is the first step to saving money and becoming energy independent, you’re on your way to saving lots of money and you’re helping to save the planet. Now you need to use the energy your solar panels produce, I know it sounds silly but you’re not in all the time so you actually waste a lot. OFGEM assume that you’ll actually only use 50% of the energy. The ImmerSUN is a clever device which tackles this problem and uses the energy to your advantage.

The ImmerSUN is a self-consumption device, designed to use the energy from your solar panels that is surplus to requirements and would otherwise be sent to the grid. 4EcoLtd, the company who manufacture the ImmerSUN claim it could save you up to £250 annually, but how does it work? It cleverly monitors what you’re using in your home and what your solar panels are producing and then automatically uses the energy to save you more money. The ImmerSUN is designed so that it can manage up to three loads such as your hot water cylinder, electric heaters and underfloor heating.

Free Hot Water

The Energy Savings Trust claim that more than half the household fuel bill is spent on heating and hot water so it’s a perfect solution to heat your hot water tank with free solar electricity. The ImmerSUN does just that, when you’re out at work and there’s nothing to use the free electricity in your home, the ImmerSUN manages it and feeds your hot water tank so you have free hot water when you’re home.

free hot water

Secondary Devices

The ImmerSUN works in the same way with your other devices. Once it has finished heating your hot water tank and providing there is enough electricity from the solar panels, it will start supplying your secondary devices. You can add things such as storage heaters or underfloor heating so that by the time you finish work you have a nice warm house when you walk through the door. If you want your solar to work for you and give you the best it has to offer then the ImmerSUN is something you should consider having. It’s perfect to save you more money by utilising the free electricity from your solar panels. If you want to add an ImmerSUN to your solar PV system then please give our team a call on 01834 888330 we'll be happy to hear from you.


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