UK Energy Historic Turning Point

Jan 09, 2021

In the news recently, Germany produced so much renewable energy that it had to pay people to use the surplus energy. Now the UK have their own crazy statistic; the amount of electricity generated from coal in the UK has fallen to zero several times in the past week for the first time since the 19th century!

Grid data has shown that the energy source in which we have been dependent on for as long as we can remember became redundant several times over the past week. This is the first time that the UK has been without electricity generated from coal since the world's first centralized public coal-fired generator opened at Holborn Viaduct in London 1882. The Government has said that it wants coal phased out by 2025 as it is the most polluting way of generating electricity.

Falling prices of energy have made it uneconomical to run coal-fired power stations especially when the sun is shining on the UK's 8.4GW of solar PV systems or high winds are powering our wind farms.

Estimates of power now generated from solar panel systems including household arrays and solar farms reach 6.8 gigawatts at midday peak compared to coal's 3GW output.

This is an exciting step towards changing our energy production in the UK, we are steadily becoming less reliant on fossil fuels and more and more people are turning to a renewable source of energy.

With the launch of the Tesla Powerwall this year in the UK, we should now see more homes becoming less reliant on grid power and becoming more self-sufficient.

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