Top 5 Tesla Powerwall Questions and Answers

Jan 09, 2021

What is the Tesla Powerwall?

The Powerwall is a 6.4kW battery storage system which is mounted directly to a sturdy wall in your home. It is built to work with your solar panel inverter and store direct current (DC) electricity and then discharge it when the sun stops shining and you need to use it. Below are the top 5 questions and answers about the Tesla Powerwall.

  1. Can it be installed anywhere?

    Due to the size of the battery system being 1.3m tall x 0.8m wide and weighing 100kg it cannot be installed just anywhere. The Powerwall has to be mounted on a suitable wall using a mounting bracket. This is something that would be discussed with your authorised Tesla Powerwall installers. However if space is an issue and you're struggling to find a good place in your home, it is rated to go outside so it could be mounted in a suitable place on the outside of your home or garage.

  2. How long will it last?

    The battery system will last for a whopping 18,000 cycles (a cycle being charged to full and discharged to empty). Tesla also guarantee the battery performance for 10 years but the batteries could last even longer. So this means by having a battery you can future proof yourself by using the energy your solar generates and won't have to worry about rising energy costs!

  3. How do I get one?

    My Contribution are now authorised to install the Powerwall so you can order one right now! There are however some considerations to think about before ordering one. You must have a solar PV system with a compatible inverter, at the moment only SolarEdge inverters are compatible, but other inverter models will be compatible in the future. If you do have a different inverter our team can offer an upgrade service to the latest SolarEdge technology. We also suggest that you monitor your energy production and consumption to see if having a battery is the right thing for you. We recommend using either an OWL monitoring system or for those with a SolarEdge inverter a SolarEdge meter. You can talk to our team about monitoring by calling 01834 888330.

  4. What's inside the Tesla Powerwall?

    The Tesla Powerwall contains Lithium ion batteries, a DC/DC converter. It also has liquid thermal control, meaning it can operate between temperatures of -20C and 50C. The Powerwall also has a battery management system (BSM) which works with your compatible solar pv inverter and receives dispatch commands.

  5. Is the Tesla Powerwall Safe?

    Yes, Tesla have designed the battery from scratch and designed it to deliver multiple levels of protection. The highly sophisticated battery management system and liquid thermal control keep your batteries functioning in a safe and controlled manner.


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