Tesla Model S is Back

Jan 09, 2021

Our open weekend has attracted people from across the UK. We bring the best cars to Pembrokeshire for you test. This year will be no different with a variety of electric cars to try out.

We’re excited as always to be able to say that Tesla Motors will be attending our event with the Tesla Model S. If you have been to our open weekend before then you’ll know the exhilaration and comfort that the Tesla offers, it’s something truly special. If you haven’t been to our open weekend then you’ll need to know that in order to test drive the Tesla yourself, you will need to be 25 or over and hold a valid UK driving licence. The Tesla Model S is an all-electric sports car capable of hitting 60mph in only 2.8 seconds. It’s so fast that there is an actual button called ‘Ludicrous Mode’. Switch it on and with only the slightest of pressure on the pedal and you’re thrown to the back of your seat and rapidly accelerating.

Build from the ground up with safety at the forefront of design, the Model S has been built to be one of the safest cars on the road. The Model S has a low centre of gravity and a strong aluminium frame to ensure safety of the passengers. The Tesla also packs a lot of other features including reinforced steel rails, aluminium pillars, six airbags and the high voltage power automatically shuts off. Try out the Tesla Autopilot system and cruise along whilst the Tesla Model S does the hard work. It uses active sensors positioned all around the car constantly monitoring the environment whilst a GPS system always monitors to keep the car safely on track. Below is a video of our electrician trying out Tesla Autopilot for the first time.

Now when you think ‘Sports Car’ you think two passengers with maybe two seats in the back for small children. Well as with anything Tesla, the Model S surprises yet again, it can seat 7 people with extra room in the boot for two small children and there’s even enough space left for some shopping under the bonnet!) This is all made possible with the car’s design, with a layer of batteries which is essentially the floor of the car there is no need for an engine...


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