SolarEdge Energy Management

Jan 09, 2021

SolarEdge are expanding the capabilities of their system. It’s becoming more integrated and a “all-in-one approach.” They have recently announced that they’ll be offering device control products to expand into energy management products. This simply means that SolarEdge will manage excess electricity from your solar panels. Whether that’s to heat your hot water tank, store it in a battery or control electrical loads in your home.

A typical UK household spends more money in heating and hot water, it’s great that we can save money on heating and hot water without thinking about it. The Immersion Heater Controller is a wireless device which automatically monitors and controls the surplus energy from your solar PV. It’s a fantastic alternative to the ImmerSUN. As it’s a SolarEdge product it seamlessly integrates into the SolarEdge system. It’s wireless communication and simple wall mount mean that the installation will be clean and quick with the right certified installer. From the set of results below, you can see the difference the Immersion Heat Controller makes in a typical UK household. It clearly shows that with the Immersion Control Heater that you use more of the energy you produce and reduce the amount you buy from the grid, saving you 61% on your energy bill for that day.

The Immersion Heat Controller comes as a wider package from SolarEdge who are one of the world’s leading solar optimizer and inverter manufacturers. They specialise in the ability to optimise and monitor solar energy as well as being compatible with the Tesla Powerwall. See the money you save from a fully integrated immersion control heater by viewing it on the SolarEdge cloud-based monitoring system. Each product you add the your SolarEdge system will appear on your monitoring portal. It easily allows you to view and manage the way you use the energy in your home. If you’re interested in buying the new Immersion Control Heater, then please get in touch with our team on 01834 888330.


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