Solar Panels to Suit your Taste

Jan 09, 2021

Whether you like the look of solar panels or you hate them, there’s a system for you. With hundreds of happy customers in West Wales we have experience in fitting everything to suit your tastes.

To some customers, solar panels are hideous and they don’t want them anywhere near their perfect looking roof. There are some customers who prefer to have ground mounted panels that sit on a bucket or frame or there is always the option they could have an integral roof mounted system. Let’s take a look at the options.

The Roof

Brackets and Rails

The first is the standard, brackets and rails system. The bracket is fixed to the beams in your attic by usually sliding underneath a roof tile. It keeps the integrity of your roof and it a secure way of holding the heavy panels up. The rails and clips hold the panels in place keeping them nice and secure. This is one of the most cost effective and quickest ways to install solar pv and doesn’t look too bad.

Pros – The elevation from the roof allows air circulation and keeps the panels cool, meaning they don’t overheat and allows the panels to work more efficiently.

Cons – Space is a limiting factor with roof-mounted systems

Ground Mounted


If you don’t want solar panels sitting on your roof or don’t have enough space to fit a sytem size you want then there’s always the option of taking it to the ground. My Contribution have installed plenty of ground mounted bucket systems in Pembrokeshire and across West Wales. We use Renesol buckets as they are not classed as a permanent fixture and can be a more cost effective and efficient way of installing solar panels. The panel is fixed to the bucket and the bucket is weighed down is aggregate.

Pros – If you have the space then size of your ground mounted system is endless. The ground mounted buckets can be moved to position them where it’s best. Panels are easily accessible for cleaning, meaning that you can optimise your power production.

Cons – Not as aesthetically pleasing as a frame mounted system. Growing flora can shade panels so maintenance would be essential.

Frame Mounted Panels

These are the kinds of structures used to mount solar panels on the large solar farms. The panels are elevated from the ground and fixed using a similar system to the roof mounted rails and brackets. The permanent frame mounted systems are usually concreted into the ground to prevent movement. An armoured cable would have to be run underground to feed your consumer unit and generation meter, a trench would be dug and then the cable laid and buried.

Pros – Frame mounted systems look professional and are usually high enough from the ground to stop too much flora from shading the panels.

Cons – The permanent fixture would mean that it would be hard to add more panels to the system unless another frame is built.

The Solar Trade Association have released a book to showcase all of the beautiful solar panel systems available, it’s worth taking a look by clicking here.

If you would like to discuss your options or have another project, you need help on then please give our team a call on 01834 888 330 we’ll be happy to hear from you.


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