Solar Panels - 5 Myths Busted

Jan 09, 2021

Solar panels have had a very turbulent few years with lots of news, myths and stories which gives people a tainted view. There is a lot of scepticism with solar panels and a lot of it could be down to misguided information. Here are our top 5 myths about solar we can put to bed.

Solar Panels Are Expensive

For a long time, solar panels were an expensive luxury. A typical system would cost around £15,000. This doesn’t mean to say that it wasn’t worth it. People who bought solar panels in 2011 would have nearly got back the cost of the system by now in Feed-in-Tariff payments and savings.

Now you can buy a standard sized 4kWp system for around £6000. Not only do they cost less but they have also improved in efficiency. Thanks to the Government backed Feed-in-Tariff scheme you will still also get paid for the energy you produce (and we do all the paperwork!).

There’s Never Any Sun in the UK, How will my solar panels work

A big misconception with solar panels is that they only work in direct sunlight. Since we’re not blessed in the UK with blue skies and warm weather, its commonly thought that solar panel don’t work well in the UK climate.

However, this isn’t true and solar panels can work in cloudy weather and still produce substantial amounts of energy. A few clouds and bad weather will not mean your solar will stop producing.

I Can Get Free Solar Panels

Although this isn’t a myth because some companies do offer free solar panels to people with eligible homes. It’s called a ‘rent-a-roof’ scheme. You get to use the energy the solar panels generate.

It may be great for some people but it’s more profitable for you to own your panels. The installation company is counting on your home to not only pay for the panels but make them a health profit too. Depending on your Feed in Tariff rate your panels could pay for themselves within 10 years.

Getting the Feed in Tariff means I have to Switch Suppliers

Another misconception is that you have to switch to the supplier who is paying you for your solar energy. This isn’t true at all. You own the solar panels which means you can switch energy companies as many times as you like. We recommend using Good Energy. Most of our customers have had positive experiences and fast processing times.

Solar Panels are too New, I should wait

It’s easy to think solar panels are new. It’s only the last 10 years that we have started seeing and hearing a lot about them. In fact, solar technology is more than 100 years old. The huge steps solar has taken to improve efficiency in the last few years means it’s become the best time ever to invest in solar.

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