Solar Panel System Upgrading

Jan 09, 2021

Solar panel systems are like any other technology and advances at a rate of knots. If you’re an early adopter of solar technology, then you’ve probably realised that solar systems are more advanced and snazzy than yours, but is it worth the extra cost of upgrading?

It depends on a few factors, sometimes it can be worth the extra cost of upgrading. SolarEdge is the brand of Inverter and Optimisers that have been making headway in the solar market. They have been developing some fantastic products that are getting installers and customers excited about solar. Here’s why:


If you want to make the most of your solar panels, then you can optimise them individually. If you had your panels installed a few years ago then you probably had a string inverter installed. This means that each panel is only as strong as the weakest panel. It can be worth upgrading to optimised solar panels if you have shading issues or a split system.


It’s hard to tell how your panels are performing if you don’t have any way of viewing their production. The only way you can probably tell is if you take generation meter readings every day. With new solar technology you can view all of this information at your fingertips with online monitoring. It isn’t as scary as it sounds, and it comes free when you upgrade to SolarEdge Technology. If you don’t want SolarEdge technology you can still monitor your solar panels using the OWL monitoring system. Another advantage of having monitoring is that the installer (us) can see your system live in our offices so we can diagnose a problem before you even know about it.

Battery Storage

With huge advances in battery technology it’s now become possible to have a home battery system installed. You would effectively become your own utility and only draw from the grid when you need to. The Tesla Powerwall is compatible with SolarEdge systems and can also be monitored using the SolarEdge monitoring system.


SolarEdge systems has an integrated SafeDC feature that will ensure complete safety for installers, maintenance and emergency services. The system will shut down the DC current and the turn down the voltage in the wiring. Whenever the AC side of the system is shut down the inverter automatically reduces the voltage of each optimiser to 1V. It reduces the risk of electrocution and unsafe high voltage.


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