SMA Launch Tesla Powerwall Compatible Inverter

Jan 09, 2021

This year we seen the first Tesla Powerwall installed in a UK home and since then Nissan have also announced a battery storage system. Now it seems as if SMA are joining in on the action by announcing their Sunny Boy storage 2.5 system – a high-voltage battery-compatible inverter aimed at residential homes.

SMA are one of the leading solar technology companies with their huge range of inverter technologies. Their new storage inverter is claiming 97% efficiency, the most economical AC-connection system on the market and SMA announced that “The device combines the flexibility of the AC coupling with the advantages of high-voltage technology, enabling a significant reduction in system and installation costs.” The Sunny Boy Storage is a good match for the Tesla Powerwall with a charge and discharges power of 2.5kW, the Tesla has a limit of 3.3kW. SMA claim that it is ideally suited to the electricity demand of a private household. It seems as if SMA have already been thinking ahead by stating that the Sunny Boy storage can be flexibly extended at any time on both the generator side (solar pv) or on the battery side.

The Sunny Boy Storage has an IP rating of IP65 meaning that it can be installed next to the Tesla Powerwall outside and it matches the Tesla aesthetically with its white outer casing. It can be easily integrated into a new or existing solar system. It also connects to the SMA Sunny Portal to allow monitoring and gives the user more transparency with their solar panel system. For those thinking of taking the next step into battery storage and would like to speak to trained installers, please call our team on 01834 888 330, we’ll be happy to hear from you.


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