Nissan’s Car Batteries To Power Your Home

Jan 09, 2021

Nissan have put their stamp on battery storage technology and have gone into direct competition with the Tesla and their Powerwall. It’s an obvious step for Nissan who already have a dominant share in the electric vehicle market with the Nissan Leaf.

Designed with Eaton, Nissan will be essentially upcycling the batteries from their out of warranty Nissan Leafs and then 12 batteries into snazzy looking home battery storage unit. It charges up via your renewable energy system such as solar panels and also when electricity is cheap for example at night. It will then discharge when you need to use it the most.

The ‘smart’ battery will be installed by certified installers just like the Tesla Powerwall and will connect to a smartphone app which will allow you to switch between the battery storage and mains for your supply.

It will be available in the UK from September and will come with 4.2kWh of storage. Nissan have high ambitions with the hope to achieve 100,000 installed units within the first five years of release.

I’m sure that Nissan are hoping that people will charge their Nissan Leaf with renewable or cheap electricity that the xStorage battery stores. It hopefully means that the price of battery storage starts to get competitive and more affordable. Battery storage solves the issue that a lot of solar panel owners have with a lot of owners out of the house in the daytime and giving their electricity back to the grid.


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