MCS - What is it and why is it important?

Jan 09, 2021

MCS is the Microgeneration Certification Scheme, it’s something that you definitely need to know about if you’re thinking of getting solar panels installed. The scheme is supported by the DBIS, the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills.

It’s important to check for certain accreditations when you are buying a solar PV system. This is especially true if you’re thinking of claiming the Feed-in-Tariff. Make sure to look out for the MCS logo when researching local installers. MCS certifies microgeneration technologies and is an eligibility requirement if you are looking to apply for the Feed-in-Tariff or any other government financial incentive.

Not every installer is MCS approved as installers have to meet rigorous criteria in order to become certified. This means if you have solar panels installed from a company who is not MCS certified you may have to have your solar system recommissioned in order to apply for the government-backed scheme. MCS approved companies are also checked to make sure that they are not mis-selling or misleading the consumer. MCS demonstrates the quality of products and the competence of installers. You need to look for the MCS logo when you’re searching for a local installer, if you can see it then you should definitely ask. You can use the MCS installer search by clicking here.

The MCS certificate is issued after a completed installation. Once you have had your solar panels installed then the company who installed them will apply for a certificate. The certificate will come with the state the address, technology installed and size of the system. The certificate is an important part of the Feed-in-Tariff application process. If you don’t have a certificate, then, unfortunately, you will not be eligible to receive any government financial incentives. My Contribution has been an approved MCS installer of solar PV systems since 2011 and we’ve processed hundreds of individual MCS certificates.


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