Large Scale Rooftop Solar Breaches FiT Cap (again!)

Jan 09, 2021

The Feed-in-Tariff cuts have changed the way solar is being installed. Large scale rooftop solar (50kW+) is being installed so fast in the UK that it has breach the Feed-in-Tariff cap for the second time this year.

Under the new FiT regime, large-scale solar PV systems are thriving, businesses are looking to secure their future by investing in solar PV. With annual payments and savings, commercial solar is the most popular form of renewable energy source. The latest OFGEM report showed that the large-scale cap of 14MW was breached because of an extra 3.2MW of solar PV was installed.

The systems ranged from 50kW systems all the way up to 250kW. The result was for the Feed-in-Tariff rates to drop 10% for Q3 this year. The following FiT rates will apply from the 1st July to 30th September: >50kW – 250kW | 2.09p/kWh >250kW – 1MW | 1.74p/kWh >1MW – 5MW | 0.62p/kWh One of the reasons for concern is that all three bands shown above are grouped together, making it easy for a large scale installation could breach the 14MW cap.

Large-scale rooftop solar is leading the UK solar market by a long way, with less than 2MW of <10kW solar PV installed in the same time. The UK market has been typically driven by domestic installations with commercial projects following behind but the 50kW+ band is the most active under the new Feed-in-Tariff scheme. However not all is lost, businesses who install large-scale rooftop solar will save a significant amount of money if they use the energy they produce.

As most of us are aware, rising energy costs are inevitable and now is the time to secure your future by becoming self-sufficient. The advance in technology also means that businesses can change the way their energy is consumed. Storage technology will allow commercial businesses to store surplus energy and use it when they need it.

This means if most of the energy is consumed at night when the sun is shining the battery technology can stand in, instead of the grid to supply the commercial premises. My Contribution has been installing solar panel systems across Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion for the last 5 years. We offer a full package, providing all services so you don’t need to hire any tradesmen. If you are thinking of having a large scale PV system then please get in touch with our team on 01834 888330, we’ll be happy to hear from you.


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