Inverter Upgrade & Optimisers

Jan 09, 2021

SolarEdge are one of the leading manufacturers of solar PV and inverter technology and can easily be retrofitted into an existing solar panel system.

Why should I upgrade?

Since 2011 a string inverter was the most common choice for a solar panel system. A string inverter works like a battery, meaning that all of your solar panels are connected together in a string and if one is under-performing, then the rest do too. This kind of technology, although reliable is becoming outdated and probably not allowing your solar panels to perform at their peak.

What are the benefits of upgrading?

Optimised Panels We install optimisers on the back of every panel, this allows each panel to perform separately from other panels. This means that any shaded panels or underperforming panels won’t affect the rest of your system. Monitoring The optimisers also allow you to monitor your solar panel system either in a detailed view or in a simplistic view. The monitoring system is free with SolarEdge technology and will be set up by our installation team. Every piece of information you want to know about your solar panels is at your fingertips, anywhere in the world. You can even look at how an individual panel is performing in the last hour, day, week, month or even year.

SafeDC Technology Optimise the safety of your solar panels, not only for you and your home but anybody who could come into contact with your system. SafeDC is an integrated technology in the SolarEdge optimisers, this is a system which ensures complete safety for installers, maintenance personnel and firefighters. The system shuts down any DC current as well as voltage in the cables, whenever the inverter is turned off or in safety mode. Another feature means that when the AC side of your solar panel system is turned off, the cables get de-energized to a safe 1V for each optimiser. Inverter Upgrade This single phase inverter is designed to work with power optimisers and is internet connected to allow monitoring and remote control for installers. The inverter is super-efficient with a rating of 97.6%, it’s small, lightweight and is aesthetically pleasing. It is rated to IP65 meaning it can be installed, inside or out. It is compatible with newer technologies such as the Tesla Powerwall battery storage system.

How long will it take?

Our installers will take usually just one day to safely remove your old inverter and also place optimisers on each panel. Times may vary depending on the configuration of your existing solar panel system. Once the optimisers and inverter are installed, our engineer will configure your online monitoring and show you how to use the monitoring portal. To arrange an inverter upgrade, please call our team on 01834 888330 we'll be happy to hear from you.


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