How Much Energy do Solar Panels Produce

Jan 09, 2021

Solar panels produce electricity all year round. Whenever there is light from morning sunrise to the evening sky you’ll find your solar panels generating electricity. But how much electricity do they make exactly?

When you order a solar panel it will come with a rating in Watts. Let’s start by looking at a standard domestic sized 250w panel. The 250w means that at its peak, the solar panel would be able to generate 250w.

Although a panel will rarely ever reach its peak performance, on a crisp sunny day it would generate something close to its peak.

Another thing to mention about solar panels is that they vary in performance. This is nothing to worry about. Solar panels are made from silicon which is an organic material. The most abundant on earth and commonly found in most electronics.

This means that although the panel is rated at 250w it will slightly differ in performance to other 250w panels.

The way we make the solar panels produce enough electricity to power your home is to connect them together. It’s like connecting lots of batteries together to power a kids toy. As installers we use special connectors and DC cable to connect the system together.

To create a 4kWp system which is 4000 Watts we would need to connect 16 250w panels together.

The reason we use the term Kilowatts Peak is because of the varying performance of panels. It means at your solar panel systems peak performance it could produce 4kW of energy.

A typical 4kWp system in Pembrokeshire could produce anything upwards of 3,000 kWh of energy. To put that into perspective, a typical UK household will only use 4,115 kWh in a year, a fact from the ECUK Government Report.

In order to make the most of this energy you will need to become more aware of how you use it.

It might mean a change of a few habits. For example, instead of washing your clothes early in the morning or at night, you wash them during the day. This means you’re actually being paid to wash your clothes. If you’ve been thinking of having a solar panel installation in Pembrokeshire or West Wales then get in touch with our team in Narberth. We’ll be happy to hear from you. Our number is 01834 888330.


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