EV Charge Points - Pembrokeshire needs more

Jan 09, 2021

There is a seismic shift in the future of motoring with countries like Norway leading the way, they plan to completely ban petrol-powered cars by 2025! There is no doubt that electric vehicles are the future of motoring, they are energy efficient, cheap to run and almost maintenance-free. So why do you need a charge point?

For Homes

There are currently 67,000 plug-in cars, 4,000 plug-in vans roaming the roads of the UK, it’s impressive since only a few years ago most would have laughed at the thought of having an electric car. However, there are only 10,600 charge points meaning that there’s approximately only 1 charge point for every 6 electric vehicles. The impressive statistics of electric vehicles is only rising, for example, only 500 electric cars were registered per month during the first half of 2014 and now there are nearly 2,400 electric cars registered each month. In an ideal world everybody that owns an electric car would have an electric vehicle (EV) charge point installed in their homes. This means your car can charge whilst you sleep or at the weekend, leaving your car topped up for your next journey. It also means that family and friends with electric vehicles are sure that they can visit and charge at the same time, reducing that range anxiety and leaving them one less excuse to visit!

For Businesses

The way we travel is changing and as you can see, more and more people are buying into the electric car way of life. This means that they will be needing to charge wherever they stop to eat, to shop to visit and at the moment car charging points are too far and wide in Pembrokeshire. This gives businesses a great chance to give the customer a chance to charge their car whilst they use your services, eat your food or shop in your store. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for your staff to invest in an electric vehicle, knowing that they have a workplace to charge at. The infancy of the electric vehicle market means that there is great opportunity for those that are willing to invest. My Contribution have first-hand experience with electric vehicle charging, we have four charge points outside our office, free to use by anybody needing an extra charge. Not only have our staff invested in an EV but we have people who contact us to use the charge points all the time.


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