Destination Charging for Holiday Accommodation

Jan 09, 2021

The last four years has seen a remarkable increase in the uptake of electric cars, there are now 55 models of plug-in cars, totalling nearly 100,000 cars on our roads. Most of the top manufacturers are now offering an EV option in their range.

It's almost certain some of those people who own an electric car will need a charge point whilst they are on holiday. Regardless of where they are going their electric cars will need a charge when they reach their destination.

The numbers currently don't add up with nearly 100,000 EV cars on the road and only 12,000 charge points. This leads to range anxiety and this is one of the biggest reservations for people with electric cars. Destination charging could be a lucrative opportunity. By letting guests with electric cars and plug-in hybrids, charge for free whilst they stay in your accommodation increases the attraction to stay in your property or hotel.

Since it takes a few hours to charge an electric car, it makes sense for the chargers to be places where people will spend a few hours or be staying overnight. Some hotels have already started to realise this, and are installing charging points to try and capture these paticular holiday makers.

ZapMap is one of the biggest live charge point maps in the world, and it shows the lack of charging available, especially in rural areas. The example below by ZapMap, shows Penrhiw Hotel offering an electric car charging point, free only to customers. If you look around the Penrhiw Hotel there are no other charge points. So for people wishing to visit St David's on holiday, it would make sense for them to stay in the Penrhiw Hotel. You can also add your charging point to this map to promote yourself.

To put this map into perspective, Wales only has 3.2% of the total amount of charging points in the UK (ZapMap). With nearly 10,000 electric car registrations in the first quarter of 2017 alone, and over 7,000 registered in March alone, it's a trend that isn't slowing down. It's a great time for businesses, hotels and any other type of holiday accommodation to be offering this as a standard feature to customers.

EV charge points are fit and forget products, so there's no hassle once it's installed and they come in all shapes and sizes to suit your property or business. It's best if you're looking to get one installed to have a site survey to look for possible installation placements. If you would like us to come and visit you to install an EV charge point then please call on 01834 888330.


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