Commercial Solar Panels Pembrokeshire

Jan 09, 2021

Commercial Solar panels for businesses has become the fastest growing side of the installation business in 2016. It is no coincidence, with energy bills rising and businesses using more energy it makes perfect sense to future proof yourself. Not only will you benefit from the use of free electricity but you will also be paid for every bit of it.

Future proof your energy costs by using the roof space or land around your business. Install solar panels in the empty and unused space to save on your running costs. Solar PV systems are tailored to business needs. Popular size systems range from 10kWp to 250kWp. The size of system is dependent on your energy usage. Businesses that run lots of things in the day and use a lot of electricity will benefit greatly and reap the financial rewards.

Benefits of Commercial Solar

The benefits of solar panels are obvious but there are more benefits to having solar than you first might have thought.

      • Reduced energy bills
      • Reduces carbon emissions
      • Projection of your green values to the public
      • Income from electricity generation
      • Reasonable return on investment even after the FIT cuts, especially if you use a significant amount of electricity during the day.


Investing in solar is a big commitment so it’s important to make sure your business is suitable for solar panels. Here are a few things to consider:

      • Few obstacles that could cause shading
      • There must be a local connection to the grid
      • There must be access for initial installation and maintenance

Solar panels produce electricity throughout the day and would cover a significant part of your running costs. Solar panel systems can come with monitoring. This means it's easy see exactly where you are saving money and also when you are using the most energy. With the right solar panel system and energy management it can make a significant difference to your bills. My Contribution have been installing commercial solar panel systems across Pembrokeshire and West Wales since 2011. Our team have experience that stretches all across the PV industry from HV solar farm maintenance to domestic size systems.


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