Checking your Solar Panel System

Jan 09, 2021

Solar panels systems are largely a ‘fit and forget’ installation, but there are some things that you still need to watch out for.

With no moving parts, a solar panel system is fairly maintenance and trouble-free. However, it will need minor maintenance throughout its lifetime. Without monitoring capabilities, it’s almost impossible to see whether your system is working properly or even working at all. We’ve compiled a list of checks you will need to do on your system.

Panel Washing

Solar panels are usually ‘self-cleaning’ and with a bit of rain, most of the debris will wash away but as we all know there’s always some stubborn dirt that won’t budge. Cleaning your panels is a good way to help keep the productivity of your system high, a bit of dirt could affect a whole module and in some cases a whole system. We recommend finding a reputable, local panel cleaner as it’s not as simple as using tap water as it leaves traces of salt and minerals on the panels. As professional panel cleaner will use purified water and soft bristles to wash the solar panels and then leave them to dry.

Module deterioration

Solar panels are all connected using strings of DC (direct current) cable and connectors, over time the weather can eventually get to the connectors and cause resistant problems. Although uncommon it will severely affect your solar panel system. The best way to check is either checking your monitoring portal during periods of bad weather and throughout winter periods. If you can’t monitor your panels through a monitoring portal, then it’s a good idea to check your inverters screen to see if it’s functioning properly without any error messages.


When you install solar panels, it’s obviously good practice to minimise the amount of shading that will cover your panels. However, over time things change and you could end up in a situation where a building development or tree has shaded your solar system. In which case you will either need to remove the object shading your system or your system may have to be moved to another location. If the latter is the case, then get in touch with our team in Narberth by calling 01834 888330.

System Performance Review

It’s a good idea to get a local solar pv company to thoroughly check through your solar panel system by performing a system performance review. It’s like getting your car serviced each year to prolong the performance of the system. The electrician will systematically check your solar pv system is working and working efficiently. They will check for things such Deterioration of the system mounting including the electrical components Determine module function and insulation resistance Check overall productivity in comparison with original estimates Offer advice on self-consumption and system monitoring going forward. To book a system performance review, then get in touch with our team by calling 01834 888330.


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