Battery Storage Revolution

Jan 09, 2021

A renewable revolution has begun in the form of battery storage. Although the technology has been around for a long time it's either been, costly, impractical or just too technical. This has meant that battery storage has been mainly used in off-grid applications. Now there are manufacturers creating cost effective, practical and nice looking battery storage systems for residential and commercial use.

The energy that your solar panels produce currently works on a 'use it or lose it' scenario. You either use the energy that your solar panels produce, when it's produced, or you lose it and send it back to the grid. Yes, you get paid for it but if you then need to switch the kettle on in the evening you'll be paying nearly three times as much for the energy you could have just stored.

Now, thanks to battery storage it's possible to store all of that free, green energy so that you can watch tv with a cuppa in the evening without paying three times as much for the energy. Battery storage allows you to be in charge of your energy, your own mini power station.

What batteries are available?

The battery storage system that is currently available in the UK and Pembrokeshire is the Tesla Powerwall. It's a very smart looking system that can be mounted either inside or outside your home, giving you great flexibility, it's thin profile gives it an ultra-modern feel to it. To put it simply the Tesla Powerwall is simply a 6.4kW battery extension that is 'bolted' on to your existing solar pv system and usually takes around 1 day for a Tesla certified electrician to install. Our company is very fortunate to be one of the only certified installers in the whole of Wales to install the Powerwalland with that you get a 10 year guarantee.

Why is it important?

It's a big milestone to be able to install battery storage systems in residential homes and be able to use it when you need it. It has changed the way in which we will use our green energy, it has given us more power over how we want to use energy. Not only will a battery save you money but it will also give you that independence from the "Big Six" and their rising energy prices.

I have lots more questions that need to be answered!

Don't worry, we've thought ahead and put together some frequently asked questions about battery storage and you can see them by clicking here. If you think a call would be more helpful then our number is 01834 888330.


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